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the only song that bring me to the gyroscopic,best song&vid ever made in MUSIC INDUSTRY

Grammy award winning, multi-platinum, Rihanna’s biggest hit and winner of the VMA video of the year






Different - Animated Short Film (Blood on the Leaves)

idk what’s happening here but i like it

basically (from what i’ve got), it about the hardship of being different in any matter, we see the kid enter the screen colored in blue, till his sees the TV (which represents the media and the society ?) he turns slowly to black (or uncolored ?), then we see the kid as a grown up while he’s still black, and this time he can’t get out of the screen, we can assume that the screen is some kinda state of mind that he can’t get out of it, then we see the colored people being around him doing nothing while him freaking out and even attacking them, i guess the colored ones can represent any kind of person u can imagine, like yourself while the main character is the one who’s always against you, then we see other uncolored people trying to pull the main character down and make him stay in this state of closed mind, and the TV (media and society) doing their part too in covering him and not letting him stand out, while the colored one helping him, then when he finally realizes the right thing, he has eyes now, he sees that there’s no wall (the side of the screen) and tries to get out, but the uncolored ones holds hi down, so he stands up for himself as well as the colored ones and attacks the uncolored ones which represents the society, at last he gets out of the screen the same way he got in before he gets effected by anyone.

this is terribly lovely. Blood on the Leaves fits perfectly with this and I love the dimensions of the character’s emotions. His innocence, his unease, his fury and his exhaustion. It’s so delicately rich that, although the meaning is not apparent, I can understand exactly how he’s feeling with every frame and every upward stroke.

It’s beautifully articulated without the need for words. A complete standalone.

Personally, I feel for it as the individual trying to conquer himself. But, of course, you can’t escape yourself. The result is this, which you’ve perfectly orchestrated. Fighting oneself, feeling the anguish and triumph from doing so but then lapsing back. I’m probably wrong but thank you so much for sharing your art! 

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adorable mommy!Taeyang helping the little kid dancers at his final concert pose for a picture ✿ (x)

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minwoo requested by songdanah (aka roshni ♡)

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Omfg Rih-Slayin again babay Rih

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